Tuesday, January 20, 2015

nope, no baby

Nothing can be easy for me! This has been quite an ordeal. They started pitocin this morning and although I was having regular contractions, I couldnt really feel them. They left that stupid foley bulb in for about 22 hours but when they finally took it out I was dialated 6 cm and they went ahead and broke my water. Super weird to have stuff constantly gushing out of you. It went all over the floor! Gross! That was around 2 and I started having intense contractions. I lasted about 4 hours and then they told me I was really only 4 cm! I had planned to do this without an epidural but had total meltdown when they told me that and decided I needed one. I could have handled the pain but not for like 10 more hours. Pretty much feel like a complete failure but this epidural is great and I can't feel a thing now. Half my reason for not getting one was because I didn't want to be stuck in the bed but I've been stuck in it anyway with everything I've had to be on. My blood pressure also went up every time I left the bed. So now Im all numbed up and just hoping that something happens soon. Here's way too much info...I have gas that I don't feel and don't know is coming! So embarassing! Why did no one tell me about this! I hate all of you that have had babies and failed to mention this! Hopefully the next update is a pic of a baby!

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