Tuesday, January 20, 2015

nope, no baby

Nothing can be easy for me! This has been quite an ordeal. They started pitocin this morning and although I was having regular contractions, I couldnt really feel them. They left that stupid foley bulb in for about 22 hours but when they finally took it out I was dialated 6 cm and they went ahead and broke my water. Super weird to have stuff constantly gushing out of you. It went all over the floor! Gross! That was around 2 and I started having intense contractions. I lasted about 4 hours and then they told me I was really only 4 cm! I had planned to do this without an epidural but had total meltdown when they told me that and decided I needed one. I could have handled the pain but not for like 10 more hours. Pretty much feel like a complete failure but this epidural is great and I can't feel a thing now. Half my reason for not getting one was because I didn't want to be stuck in the bed but I've been stuck in it anyway with everything I've had to be on. My blood pressure also went up every time I left the bed. So now Im all numbed up and just hoping that something happens soon. Here's way too much info...I have gas that I don't feel and don't know is coming! So embarassing! Why did no one tell me about this! I hate all of you that have had babies and failed to mention this! Hopefully the next update is a pic of a baby!

I need coffee

The ambien let me get a little sleep but not much. Foley bulb has not fallen out yet even though it's been over 15 hours at this point. I'm pretty sure that means it is not working and I would really like them to get this balloon out of my hooha. As Lee-Lee said, it really is a party in my pants-complete with balloons! Not even having contractions anymore. Boo.

Everett is taking very good care of me and patiently unhooks everything and helps me to the bathroom like every hour. He's resting now in an uncomfortable looking lounge chair. My mom and dad are also here. They stayed at a hotel but apparently are already down in hospital lobby waiting on us. I need coffee. Pretty sure I can't have any or food. That is making me grumpy!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Nite nite

No real news to report. This crazy foley bulb has been in place for about 7 hours now. Basically we are waiting for it to fall out which will most likely be when I go to the bathroom and it will freak me out and be accompanied by blood. Sounds very lovely. At that point they will start pitocin if they decide the foley bulb worked. None of this will happen until the morning. Still a long way to go and a lot of unknowns.. Contractions still pretty regular. About a 3-4 on the pain scale-more annoying than anything. They just gave me an ambien so I can get a few hours of sleep.

Much to Everett's dismay I made him help me into my ""pretty pusher" gown. We tangled up cords and broke a few things but got it on eventually. I look like poop in it so here is someone who looks better. There is also a gown with matching pillowcase for after the birth. :)

Opening Fort Knox (hopefully)

This morning  we went to the doctor just to check everything out. Induction was scheduled between 7-9 pm tonight. During the nonstress test, the baby wasn't very active so they sent me for an ultrasound where they determined my fluid was pretty low and said that we needed to head straight to labor and delivery. Good thing we had our bags in the car!

So we got here and got checked in pretty quickly. Because it's a holiday, none of my doctors are working so I have a random doctor. He's nice though so its fine. The nurse "blew up" 2 of my veins trying to get an IV started and had to call in someone else. Not fun and my hand hurts pretty bad. Because I was not dialated at all they had to put in a foley catheter which is basically a water balloon that manually dialates me. That was a highly uncomfortable experience and they had a hard time getting it in because of how closed I am (Fort Knox as my doctor called it last week). So...this crazy water balloon is now inside of me and I basically have to wait until it falls out which could be 10-12
Hours and there is no guarantee it will work at all. I'm having regular contractions that are painful but not horrific. So for now I'm just laying here...being uncomfortable.

Blog is temporarily back

Since I'm going to be stuck in the hospital for several days it seems, I am resurrected the blog to give me something to do and because people have told me I should.  I make no promises how long this will last. If you stop seeing posts, maybe my little dude had finally decided to arrive.  I tend to just abruptly stop these things...see last post below that ended with Australia Day 2. There were definitely more days in Australia but I ADD'd on the blog and wandered off. Headed to the doctor in an hour. Will update then!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sydney day 2

Since Brooke and Scott are still sleeping (they are way more adjusted to the time difference)I figured I would blog about yesterday. We began the day by walking to Paddington Market. There are a lot of markets here, especially on the weekends. They are just local street vendors selling all kinds of stuff like jewelry, clothes, art, and all sorts of other randomness. I saw some cute things but everything in Sydney is soooo expensive! You can't eat for less than 10 dollars and a beer can be 5-8 dollars!

After the market we took a bus down to the harbor to catch a ferry to Manly Beach. The beaches are nothing like we have at home. They are very small (you can walk from one end to the other in just a few minutes) and full of surfers. They aren't a lot of people laying out in bathing suits since it is Winter here but lots of people just hanging out. We sat and watched the surfers for a little bit and then walked around the streets where there are so many shops and all kinds of food. They have some normal restaurants but mostly just little to-go places where you can get food from every culture. I ate Thai for lunch and it might have been the best thing I have ever eaten! It was something called Pad Mee that had Singapore noodles, chicken, vegetables, curry, and peanuts. Sooo good! We took the ferry back which has great views and dropped us off right by the Opera House.

The Opera House is pretty amazing and has cute restaurants and bars with live music overlooking the harbor. I would have liked to hang out there for a mid-day cocktail but it was like 15 dollars for a drink. No thank you. In front of the Opera House are beautiful botanical gardens that we walked through for a long time. There were all sorts of trees and animals. There were "water birds" that walk around everywhere which have this long skinny black beak. In one part of the gardens there were hundreds of giant bats (also known as flying foxes) hanging upside down. They were even wild cockatoos flying all around. I really loved these gardens and might need to go back.

After the gardens we went back to our room and cooked dinner and then headed out to some of the bars. Everyone is really into rugby and footy and were watching the games. I have no idea what footy is or how it differs from rugby but it is apparently very popular. I was exhausted and didn't last very long out before I had to come back and go to bed. Ready for today!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally in Australia!!

After several days of trying to get here- I finally made it to Australia to visit Brooke and Scott! I left Raleigh on Tuesday and got here on Friday (time difference and  a LOT of delays) still in the same clothes and a bit of a hot mess. My body has no idea what day it is or time it is and my sleeping schedule is extremely off. Its 7 am now and I've been up since 4:30 but I went to sleep really early last night because I was so tired.

Sydney is a lot like NYC- extremely busy and crowded. Yesterday we went on a double decker bus tour to see the different areas including the famous Bondi beach. We are not really sure why it's so famous...it's pretty small but very nice. It's shaped like a horseshoe which has something to do with a volcanic eruption. There were lots of surfers and people laying on the beach. We also saw the Opera house, the Sydney harbor bridge which we might climb at some point, and lots of other interesting places. I really liked looking at the houses. Some were really nice and big but they are extremely close together and have no yard. People dress weird here. It's winter so they are in winter clothes...but it's like 75 degrees. Brooke and I are in tank tops and the local people are in boots, sweaters, and coats. Aren't they hot??

So I think the plan for today is to to visit some of the local markets they have on the weekends, walk around the opera house and botanical gardens, and maybe take a harbor cruise.  I have not seen any koalas or kangaroos. Loving the accents! Pics soon.

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